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  Bird Seed Manufacturer & Distributor

Sweney-Kern Manufacturing is a manufacturer and distributor of formulated wild bird seed mixes and other wild bird seed, bird suet cakes, bird suet balls, bird suet plugs, bird suet feeders, agriculture seed, deer feed and food plot seed, grass seed, agriculture grade fertilizers, insect control fertilizers, lawn & garden fertilizers, water softener salt, and deicing salts for wholesale markets, commercial landscapers, government and exporting markets.

Bird Seed Grass Seed
Seed/Suet cakes Fertilizers
Agriculture Seed Water Softener Salt
Deer Feed / Food Plot Seed Deicing Salts

We provide UPC-coded product in attractive packaging, truckload programs, and promotional support. Our recleaned bird seed must meet the highest standards of quality assurance.

Hints to Attract Birds

Sweney-Kern Manufacturing offers excellent quality and service, fair pricing, honesty and flexibility.  We look forward to serving your needs.

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