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  Deer Feed / Food Plot Seed
Deer Dee-Light
Deer Dee-Light
A mixture containing whole corn, soybeans, deer pellets, black oil sunflowers, and peanut pieces with an “Apple Scent”. A great mixture to attract deer and wildlife. This mixture is a nutritious combination of high protein elements designed for antler growth and deer health. Designed to be fed through a spin feeder or ground feeder. Deer Dee-Light is designed to help deer reach their full potential by providing a rounded diet. Deer love black oil sunflowers and for those who wish to draw turkeys, the black oil sunflower will attract them as well. Peanuts are included for nutrition and soybeans for their high protein.

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Item No. Description Amount Qty.
Deer Dee-Light 25# Plastic Bag $10.20  
Deer Dee-Light 40# Plastic Bag $14.95  

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