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  Deer Feed & Food Plot Seed

Wildlife Feed - Designed to be fed through a spin feeder, ground feeder or ground strewn.

Deer Dee-Light

Whole Corn 

Lure Seed Mix - Grow your own deer food plot with Wildlife Lure Mix.

We feel this is the best deer food plot seed mix out there for a long term stand that will provide 3 to 5 years of Hi Yielding Forage. (80% Clovers/Alfalfa). It's a great source of protein, fiber, essential micronutrients deer crave it. When mature, the small amount of nutritious, taller growing grasses provide great protection for birds. The rape and turnip will stay palatable far into the fall, with the turnip capable of grazing after snowfall.

For best results plant food plot seed mix in early spring thru May 15 or summer seed July 15 thru August 10. The area should receive plenty of sunlight for optimal growth. Prepare a seed bed, work the soil 2 to 4 inches, smooth it, sow the seed, 20 lb./acre good soil, up to 30 lb./acre in poorer soil. Firm up the seed bed cultipack in or press in with roller (ideal depth to inch). Fertilize the first year 6-24-24, succeeding year 2-14-42. 

Deer & Wildlife Feed

Deer & Wildlife Feed