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  Wild Bird Seed Mixes & Mix-your-own Wild Bird Seed

Bird enthusiasts rely on Sweney-Kern for high quality recleaned bird seed formulated to attract a wide variety of birds. Find out more about attracting your favorite birds.

Wild Bird Seed Mixes
Specially formulated bird seed mixes, including seasonal mixes.

All Season Bird Seed
Cardinal Bird Seed
Chickadee Bird Seed
Critter Seed
Delight Bird Seed
Elite Bird Seed
Finch Bird Seed
Fruit & Nut Bird Seed

No Waste Bird Seed
Pigeon Bird Seed
Select Bird Seed
Supreme Bird Seed
Woodpecker Bird Seed

Wild Bird Seed
Mix your own wild bird seed mixes with our 10-50 lbs single bird seed bags.

Black Oil Sunflowers
Canary Seed
Coarse Sunflower Hearts
Cracked Corn
Ear Corn
Fine Sunflower Hearts
Medium Sunflower Hearts
Milo Bird Seed
Oysters Shells
Peanut Pieces/Chunks
Peanuts Hearts
Peanuts in Shell

Red Millet
Red Pigeon Grit
Safflower Bird Seed for Cardinals

Stripe Sunflowers
Thistle Seed / Niger Seed
Wheat Medium Sunflower Hearts
White Millet Grain Mix

Whole Corn

Wild Bird Seed & Bird Seed Mixes